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Helping companies achieve their strategic objectives through specialized event planning and management. Driven by our obsession to deliver impressive, creative and unique experiences, we align ourselves as an extension of our client’s team.

Same Goals. Same Mission. Incredible Outcome. 

Our process

How We Do It Our Process


We want to truly understand the mission behind your event and your strategic objectives. We begin each project by learning your vision, culture, and goals. This framework helps us lay the foundation for a strategic, focused planning process that results in a purposeful, meaningful event.


We develop a customized, comprehensive plan that touches on every aspect of the event. With detailed plans, sophisticated tools & systems, and Step 1 as the guiding vision, each facet is meticulously & purposefully covered. We are a YOU company. You come first. With your stamp of approval, we then bring your event to life.


Months of planning is unleashed in the days of the event. Whether our team is on-site with you or overseeing from afar, ELI manages operations, logistics, and implementation of all the tiny details to ensure your program runs smoothly and provides an enriching experience for all attendees.


Post-event analysis is a crucial part in understanding the success of any event. We use attendee surveys, cost-savings reporting, budget actualization, and performance reviews to create a comprehensive event evaluation. The ROE is an essential tool to not only assessing the success of the current program but also establishing guidelines for future events.

Creativity. Relationships. Details.

We believe in our reputation, which is why our clients trust us with theirs. 


A Global Company, Local Feel

With experience working throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and as far afield as China, we still believe our home base in Nashville is where the magic starts. 

A culture that focuses on the details. 

We know that the tiniest things can make the biggest difference.  We focus on the small details that combine to make the greatest impact. 

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