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You may think that using an outside Destination Management Company (DMC) for your incentive travel or other corporate travel ideas is something of a needless expense.


You also know it is not really possible for you to personally handle every detail on some of your projects: the meeting is too large; the time frames between sessions and events are too short; there is not enough staff available. No matter where your meeting or project is scheduled, what you need is a DMC! and if you still have to clear up your mind to take the decision to hire a DMC, let us give you five reasons.

1. Local knowledge

While information is becoming more accessible via the Internet, local knowledge and expertise are irreplaceable. A DMC has an extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources; is objective about venues and attractions, realistic about travel times and traffic patterns and will explain nuances that only local experts can share.

2. Simplicity

One point of contact and payment keeps all destination details in line and on time, we know which vendors provide the best services and which ones to avoid. We continually stay on top of the latest trends.

3. Creativity

Professionals at a DMC will always have an outside perspective to your plans and will keep working on developing uniquely original concepts for events, team building, and group activities.

4. Expertise

DMCs deal with specialized travel, excursions, events and more on a daily basis. We not only have the resources and know-how, but also the experience to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Where you might miss an important bit of paperwork, or some other important deadline, our experience covers every single bit of detail so that you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Cheaper in the long run

It’s more affordable than you think because of the volume we do business with local vendors, you often get better pricing; if not the same pricing if you were to call the vendor direct. We research what location best suits your event and budget. The time and effort saved can make it extremely cost-effective to use DMC.

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These are just some reasons why using the DMC services for your event, incentive, meeting or congress is beneficial to you. Please contact us if you realize you need the help from the experts.

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