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Consultation Services

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Consultation Services

When you just can’t figure out the perfect unique venue….

When you don’t know how to create a well organized event floor plan …..

When your creative wheels aren’t turning and you need event theme development….

When you need to know the most efficient registration processes…  

Where do you turn?  

Turn to Event Logistics, Inc

Some clients are only in need of our expertise in the form of pertinent information and expert advice. With over a century of combined experience, our staff is always willing to assist.

event consulting

Our advice & recommendations help you manage every element of your event, including:

Event Evaluation

Assess needs, Define Objectives and Goals

Pre-Event Marketing

Identify Market & Target Attendees, Advice for RSVP and Invitations

Budget Preparation

Review of Submitted Budget to Identify Potential Conflicts


Oversee and Review Event Timeline and Activities

Venue Selection

Provide guidance and suggestions for appropriate venues

Floor Plan & Layouts

Advice on best layout to maximize sightlines, seating, traffic flow, etc.

Risk Management

Emergency Procedures, Permits, Contigency Plans

Post Event Analysis

Review of event to determine success

Audio/Visual Strategies

Outline options & best practices for AV Elements

Food & Beverage Strategies

Menu Options and Food Service Timing


Suggestions for entertainment based on theme and intended audience

Operations & Logistics

Move In/Out Scheduling, Permiting, Licenses,Etc.

Creating Connections to Promote Strategic Event Excellence

With more than 30 years in the Events Industry, Event Logistics, Inc. has the knowledge and insight to consult our Clients on all event aspects. 

Event Logistics, Inc. provides extensive EVENT CONSULTING to our clients to assist with navigating through the complex world of events

Priceless advice

From advice on an efficient, well-flowing special event floor plan to total theme concepts for a sales conference, we have done it all, regardless of the city, venue and language barriers. One of our management teams can oversee your meeting or event onsite; being your eyes and ears while you are focused on other components. 

At Event Logistics, Inc. we can be as involved as you want us to be.  Our consulting services are priced as needed, based on the total scope of involvement. 

Event Logistics, inc.


Corporate events are Complex.
Planning them doesn't have to be.