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Corporate Sponsorship

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Corporate Sponsorships

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Corporate Sponsorship

Corp Sponsor

increase visibility- increase sales

corporate sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Event Logistics, Inc. integrates smoothly into your overall marketing effort, reflecting your advertising and promotional themes and building on your image.


We’ll help you stand out.

The underlying reason for corporate sponsorships, after all, is to increase visibility – which increases sales.

Event Logistics, Inc. integrates smoothly into your overall marketing effort, reflecting your advertising and promotional themes and building on your image. Just as we’ve done for companies around the world, we’ll help you stand out.


Comprehensive Services

From Concept to Completion

From Concept to Completion

  • Strategic Sponsorship Planning: Crafting a roadmap for sponsorship success.
  • Sponsorship Inventory Creation: Curating opportunities that captivate sponsors.
  • Efficient Negotiation and Contracting: Securing the best terms for your event.
  • Dynamic Activation Planning: Maximizing sponsor visibility and engagement.
  • Impactful ROI Measurement: Tracking success metrics for continuous improvement.
  • Detailed Post-Event Reporting: Showcasing the value delivered to sponsors.

Corporate sponsorship

Full Suite of Services

Generate growth

From meticulously crafted prospectuses and essential documents to strategic campaigns and detailed reporting, we cover every facet of the sponsorship journey. Our approach is centered around attracting and retaining event sponsors that are not merely supporters but perfect matches for the essence and objectives of your event. By fostering these meaningful connections, we elevate sponsorships from mere transactions to powerful collaborations that contribute to the overall success and resonance of your event.

Comprehensive Management of:

Creative Design, Full Production

Sponsorship Development & Management

We Create Experiences
That Last

We believe in turning sponsorships into dynamic partnerships, transforming simple transactions into impactful collaborations. We’ll integrate sponsorship smoothly into your overall marketing effort, reflecting your promotional themes and building on your image.

  • We have what it takes to plan, promote and pull off a memorable sponsorship – within your budget
  • We have access to a distinctive list of celebrity endorsers
  • We handle a wide variety of sponsorships, from concerts to sporting events to parades and exhibitions
Event Logistics Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsors Prospectus, Creative & Design

Grow your event with a compelling prospectus. Build buzz with smart event alignment opportunities, experiential activations, and booth designs that maximize success.

Sponsorship Strategy

Plan exciting, engaging offerings that bring sponsors to the table, set your event apart, and drive value for both sponsors and attendees.

Sponsorship Sales

Increase event revenue more efficiently and effectively as you win, grow, manage, and retain coveted sponsorships.

Sponsorship Management

Keep sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors happy and informed with the support, information, and deliverables they need from those who know the industry the best.

Sponsorship Growth & Retention

Adopt a data-informed strategy and reporting to gain ground with sponsors and keep them coming back for more, year after year.

Sponsorship Partnership

Foster and Grow Business Partnerships with Sponsors that are a good match for your business

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