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Strategic Meeting Management

Designing strategic meeting experiences that deliver on your vision, your goals and your brand promise, That is what we do. 

Solutions designed for success.

Strategic. For some, it means providing end-to-end solutions. For us, it means something entirely different. At Event Logistics, Inc. we work with organizations to understand needs, goals and intended outcome.


We approach event planning with a robust combination of strategy and creativity to deliver a comprehensive, full-service experience from concept to completion.

elevate. motivate. innovate.

We know how critical meetings are for organizations. They elevate. Motivate. Innovate. And celebrate. Whether it’s strategic meetings management, corporate events, attendee management, venue sourcing or beyond, we’re here to make it perfect every time.

Strategic Meeting Management

Full Suite of Services

Hotel & Venue Site Research

Payment Processing and E-Commerce 

Database Design, Maintenance & Reports

Supplier and Site Management

Full Audio Visual Production

Script Writing  

Video Editing

Supplier and Site Management

Program Budget and Management

Housing Registration

Real Time Conference & Hotel Registration

Entertainment and Production

Speaker Training

Power Point Development 

Onsite Management

Entertainment and Production

Tradeshow Events

Annual Meetings

When you hire Event Logistics, Inc. you are instantly advantaged by our personal network of vendors and venues and benefit from our honed skill for contract negotiations. You also get access to the under-the-radar opportunities we’ve discovered through years of experience.


We have built a reputation, not just for spectacular event design, but for designing and directing logistics that allow you and your guests to enjoy the event experience. 

We help clients in a range of industries find and fine-tune their messages and share them with the world in a way that’s unique and impactful.

Your Goals,
Your Direction

We have the bandwidth to deliver unprecedented exposure for clients, considering ourselves an extension of your team, providing boots on ground where needed and overall operational recommendations on making noise for your business.

The goals are defined and our direction is clear. We are here to assist in your success through strategic meeting development and management.


At Event Logistics, Inc. we realize the importance of every sales conference, private dinner, networking reception and tradeshow. We listen to our clients’ overall goals and objectives for their meeting or event and strategically align ourselves within these parameters.

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Corporate events are Complex.
Planning them doesn't have to be.

Trust Event Logistics, Inc- Where brilliant ideas and confident execution collide to deliver a comprehensive, full-service experience from concept to completion.