Event Logistics, Inc

Event Logistics, Inc. is a full-service event management company based in Nashville, specializing in event production, design and planning nationwide. We help global brands connect with their audiences and their teams through memorable events and meaningful brand experiences. 

Strategic Meeting Management

We work to get participants excited about your meeting before the event, then help create momentum to carry out the results of your meeting. We will be your partner every step of the way. Event Logistics, Inc. recognizes that, while each meeting is unique, it also is part of a larger program, such as sales, training or operations.

That’s why we take time on the front end to understand your strategic objectives. Then, we roll up our sleeves, sharpen our pencils and begin developing a program tailored to your firm’s needs, creatively, and within your budget. Let us handle all of the details!

Special Events

Whether your event is for 8 or 8,000, Event Logistics, Inc. can create an event that separates you from the pack. Event Logistics believes that special events should be, well… special.

So we work with you from the earliest planning stages to develop a unique, memorable event, focused around your strategic business objectives, within your budget. Whether you’re entertaining clients, rewarding top performers, opening a new facility, or seeking to add a distinctive touch to a meeting or conference, we can handle any or all of the details.

Corporate Sponsorships

The underlying reason for corporate sponsorships, after all, is to increase visibility – which increases sales. Event Logistics, Inc. integrates smoothly into your overall marketing effort, reflecting your advertising and promotional themes and building on your image. Just as we’ve done for companies around the world, we’ll help you stand out.


We’ve globalized the concept of Destination Management. We believe that an effective destination manager takes care of every detail; from the time your guests arrive, through their departure. Event Logistics, Inc. will provide a program that meets the individual tastes and requirements of your group. We’ll apply our expertise, and network of global resources to emphasize the unique aspects of your destination. And, as with all of our services, we’ll work within your budget to achieve your meeting and business.

Additional Services

A Strategic, Personalized Approach

Our team of dynamic, creative strategists and task managers go beyond check lists and cookie cutter events. We leverage our experience and relationships to develop strategic integrated event experiences with results that affect an organization’s return on investment.

Consultation Services

We can be as involved as you want us to be. With that said, our consulting services are priced as needed, based on the total scope of involvement determined by your needs.

Experience Marketing

We work with you to create, coordinate and implement a strategy to further increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty & overall exposure.

Years of Event Management
Knowledge available to you

We are experts in the event management field and can provide you with the insight you need to get the results you need from your event.

We will meet with your team and asses your overall needs. From that point, we can guide you in the way offering our knowledge as a support system for your meeting or event. For example, you may require more thorough knowledge on hotel contract negotiation, audio visual production oversight, large group transportation flows or even creative concepts for an awards dinner.

From advice on an efficient, well-flowing floor plan to total theme concepts for a sales conference, we have done it all. One of our management teams can oversee your meeting or event on-site; being your eyes and ears.

If our services are right for you, we will suggest which ones will help you achieve your overall strategic business objectives while shining a new light on your event and your entire organization.

moment in time to a
memory to influence

Every event is a live performance. We only get one shot. We treat each event as though we are putting on a show. 

Write the Screenplay –> Develop the Plan

Build The Set –> Produce Graphics and Displays

Cast Auditions –> Assign Staff and Select Vendors

Rehearse – Create Day of Plan and Go Through Run of Show

Observe and Adjust – Make any necessary adjustments

Re-Rehearse- Go through it all again. 

and when the moment comes, we deliver a brilliant performance. 

We know that a great idea doesn’t always translate into results, and amazing results don’t happen by accident. It takes a great team masterfully coordinating and synchronizing the in-between to create a truly successful campaign. 

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